Our Markers

With each new marker order, we include a FREE WINDOWS-BASED COMPUTER PROGRAM for customizing your temporary grave marker. The program includes preloaded religious, military and fraternal symbols. It was developed for ease-of-use and allows for importing picture files from your computer archive or internet. Along with each new order, we also provide you with FREE PRESSURE SENSITIVE, SELF-ADHEISVE VINYL SHEETS that allow for printing with any laser printer.

Above all, we have the most competitively priced temporary marker in the industry, AS LOW AS $4.50 PER SIGN. Please feel free to contact us today, for a free marker sample and we look forward to serving your funeral home needs.

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25 markers $5.25 per piece
50 markers $4.95 per piece
100 markers $4.75 per piece
150 markers $4.50 per piece


  • Free Computer Program
  • Marker Made From Durable Propionate Plastic
    (Marker Size: 14” Tall x 9” Wide)
  • 55 Pressure Sensitive Vinyl Sheets Per Every 50 Markers
    (Sheet Size: 5” Tall x 8.5” Wide)
  • Preloaded Religious, Military, and Fraternal Emblems
  • Interactive With Internet
  • Print Using Laser Printer
  • Free Sample Upon Request