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Sam Schwab, with over 45 years supplying the funeral industry and together with Rick LaPorte, a salesman by profession, decided to bring innovation to temporary markers.

The birth of R&S Markers embodies all the characteristics of a true start-up and family operation. From the first prototype designs, major convention show in Las Vegas and direct marketing advertisement, the R&S Marker product has found itself on the grounds of golf courses and funeral homes across the country.

Sam and now son-in-law, Rick, met in 2005 at Stephanie’s on Newbury Street, in the heart-of-the great city of Boston, MA. Upon meeting, Sam and Rick quickly realized a mutual passion for the game of golf. Over the years that followed, they also realized a shared passion for entrepreneurialism.

Sam reflected on his time in the funeral industry and one day brainstormed that golf courses could benefit from a customizable, temporary marker for golf course signage. Together they crafted the concept and design of the product, and then attended a major golf convention show in Las Vegas. After receiving overwhelming reception for the product, they quickly realized there was a real need. In fact, R&S Markers was nominated as top ten “coolest products” of the show in 2012. Chris Gray of Superintendent Magazine writes, “Instead of paying high prices for pre-made signs that many of our crew members like to chop into as many smaller pieces as possible with rotary mowers, you should make your own in your office on your laser printer— for a fraction of the cost.”

After proven success servicing golf courses, Sam and Rick were eager to introduce the concept to other industries. Sam pondered on his time in the funeral industry and always thought there was a need for a more practical temporary grave marker. The R&S Marker shows no rust, mildew or mold and presents a clean compliment to the grave side. They agreed that funeral directors should have a product that allows them to easily create and customize any message and provide a lasting memory for the families.

Today, Sam has assumed the operations and finance role, while his son-in-law Rick handles the strategy and marketing responsibility. They are ecstatic about the reception from the funeral industry and look forward to servicing funeral homes across the country.

They are gracious for the continued loyalty and partnership thus far, from the funeral home community and encourage others to view their temporary grave markers.

For more information, please e-mail: info@rsmarkers.com

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